Upgrading from Starter edition

You can’t upgrade from Starter Edition directly, so here are your options.

OUTDATED: This article was last updated on 13 Feb 2019, and may be outdated.

OUTDATED: Ubisoft has announced updated game editions for Year 4, including the removal of Starter Edition.

There isn’t a direct upgrade path from Starter edition once you’ve purchased it.

If you’re trying to find out what the Starter edition is, you can find a comparison between Starter and all other editions on this site, or in the Starter Edition FAQ on Ubisoft Support.

The options

Since you cannot upgrade Starter edition to a higher tier, here are the options.

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Unlocking additional operators with currency

Ubisoft suggests in their Starter Edition FAQ purchasing the 4920 R6 Credits pack (around USD 35/EUR 29) which will allow you to unlock all 14 remaining Original operators with R6 Credits to spare.

Since the only difference between Starter and Standard editions are the lack of Original operators, this effectively puts you on par with the Standard edition.

Forfeiting the purchase and re-purchasing the game

It may be more economical to forfeit the Starter edition purchase entirely and to repurchase another edition, especially during a sale.

To request for a game to be removed from your account, follow these steps. Instructions vary depending on whether you purchased the game on Steam or Uplay:

  • Steam: Visit Steam Support. Select Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, followed by I want to permanently remove this game from my account.
  • Uplay: Contact Ubisoft Support, and request for the game to be removed from your Uplay library. Instructions are available here.

After the game has been removed, repurchase the desired edition of the game.

Sticking with Starter

Assuming both options seem unappealing, why not try sticking with Starter edition? I know, it’s not technically upgrading from the Starter edition…

There are other options for acquiring more operators for the game, for example purchasing DLC Operator Bundles. These bundles unlock all 8 DLC Operators from that specific year. They cost 2400 R6 Credits each, with the Year 1 bundle on discount until 4 March 2019 for 1440 R6 Credits.

Doing so, combined with unlocking targeted operators with either saved Renown or purchased R6 Credits, may provide you with a sufficient range of operators to choose from when playing.