Event Time Converter

A time zone converter for event time and schedules.

About this converter

This tool allows you to share an event's time and schedule, in the user's own time zone.

Daylight Saving Time

If provided with the correct event time zone, this tool should automatically take into account Daylight Saving Times. This tool uses Moment Timezone containing data from around 2015 to 2025.

How it works

Event information is encoded in URL hash (the part after the #).

There are two forms the hash may be in:

  • Pipe-separated values: (e.g. this link)
    All information are stored in the URL hash in the form of pipe-separated values.
    You can use the the editor to create your own links.
  • Aliases: (e.g. #Y5S1)
    Event details for these are retrieved from the event-time-date repository.
    Only collaborators with write access to that repository are able to use this. For more info, refer to the repository readme.