Game Editions Comparison and Notes

A detailed comparison of the various editions available when purchasing Rainbow Six: Siege.

OUTDATED: This article was last updated on 15 May 2019, and may be outdated.

The following is a detailed comparison of the various editions available when purchasing Rainbow Six: Siege. This page has been updated for the changes made to game editions at the start of Year 4, including the removal of Starter Edition.</p>

Rainbow Six: Siege allows unlocking all gameplay content including maps and operators simply through in-game progression. All maps and weapon attachments are instantly unlocked for all players out of the box.

Additional information and context are provided after the table below.

Feature Base Game Deluxe Edition Gold Edition Ultimate Edition
Summary The normal base edition of the game Base edition + 8 Year 1 operators unlocked Deluxe Edition + the Year 4 Pass Base edition + all Year 1 to 4 operators unlocked + Year 4 pass
Maps All maps are available to all players regardless of editions
0 unlocked
8 unlocked
16 unlocked
32 unlocked
(Base) Unlockable for 500 to 2000 Renown each.
(Year 1) Not included 8 Year 1 operators 8 Year 1 operators 8 Year 1 operators
(Year 2) Not included 8 Year 2 operators
(Year 3) Not included 8 Year 3 operators
(Year 4) Not included 8 Year 4 operators 8 Year 4 operators
Operator unlock information

Base operators:
The first operator from each CTU (e.g. GIGN, FBI SWAT .etc) costs 500 Renown. The second will cost 1000, third 1500, and fourth 2000 Renown.

DLC operators:
Between 10,000 and 25,000 Renown depending on the operator's original release date.
See the DLC Operator Unlock Prices page for a list of operators and their current unlock prices

Ubisoft estimates it takes 15 hours of play to acquire 12,500 Renown.
The Year 1 and Year 2 operators can also be instantly unlocked in the Year 1 and Year 2 bundles for 2400 R6 Credits each (approx US$20).

Year 4 Pass Not included Not included Included Included
Year 4 Pass benefits

Year 4 operators: Included, with 7-day early access

Included R6 Credits: 600 R6 Credits

Cosmetic items: 8 headgear and uniforms, and the Lava Six charm

VIP membership:
- 10% discount on in-game purchases with Renown or R6 Credits
- 5% additional Renown earned
- +0.3% Alpha Pack chance

Additional information

Renown and R6 Credits

As you play the game, you will earn Renown. Renown can be used to unlock operators or other in-game content such as cosmetics. There is also another form of currency known as R6 Credits, which can be purchased with money.

All operators can be unlocked using Renown or R6 Credits. The number of operators unlocked out of the box depends on the edition of the game owned.

Years, seasons, and the content release cycle

There are four seasons in a year, and a new season comes out approximately every 3 months. 2 operators are typically released per season. The current year roadmap for Siege can be found on the official Rainbow Six: Siege website.

Year Passes are valid only for a year. The Year 4 Pass will expire 31 January 2020.

Alpha Packs

Alpha Packs are loot packs containing cosmetic items. Alpha Packs are earned by playing the game, or by purchasing them with Renown. With every won match, your chances of winning an Alpha Pack increases.

All types of packs contain only cosmetic items, and do not affect gameplay.